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MERIDIAN GROUP’S , leader in fire damage restoration, is equipped for all stages of a rebuid : Demolition, deodorisation, drying, cleaning, evaluation and repairs. Our state – of- the- art equipment, experience and skilled staff guarantee that buildings ,both residential and commercial, and their contents will be restored quickly and according to the most stringent industry standards.



Infiltrations, ice dams, rain and snowstorms, sewer back-ups, sanitary facility overflows , pipe breakage, all these events can, In addition to causing visible damages, cause further and more serious damage in the form of bacterial contamination and fungi growth. Targeted measures  taken by our qualified  technicians secure the affected areas and prevent the migration of damages to untouched areas.



Paper can absorb up to 60% of its weight in humidity:  it does not need to come into contact with liquid for ambient humidity to damage it. Paper impregnated with over 50%  relative humidity is the favoured host for mould that begins to develop after a few hours. MERIDIAN GROUP  uses  flash- freezers capable of curbing mold development until  the appropriate protocol can be undertaken . After freezing, the most efficient drying method is by desiccation.



Mould, bacteria, spores and mushrooms, oil spills, asbestos products and animal pestilent odors can present health hazards to the occupants or users and can seriously damage a building. MERIDIAN GROUP is a seasoned expert in decontamination of all kinds and is recommended by many biochemists.



MERIDIAN GROUP’S technicians pack, transport, clean and store goods in individual containers in Their warehouse until they can be returned to the insured. Total loss lists  are established during our operations. Our warehouses are heated, secured and protected from all contamination.



Whether it concerns 48" of water in your basement or drying a large cement slab after torrential rains, MERIDIAN GROUP,  uses state of the art equipment, measuring instruments, technology, and their expertise to restore damaged sites back to their original condition in a remarkable amount of time.



MERIDIAN GROUP,  has at its disposal specialized equipment capable of drying up to 25,000 cubic feet of ambient air per minute in an institutional building.  The controlled use of this equipment in conjunction with the appropriate ventilation ensures the limitation of damages and prevents metal corrosion and the proliferation of bacteria.


Commercial Losses

To clean the area and allow for the fastest possible resumption of operations in order to minimize if not avoid business losses: This is  MERIDIAN GROUP’S commitment when dealing with commercial losses.  Our dehumidifying desiccant equipment allows companies to avoid costly reparations by guaranteeing both the thorough drying of structure and coverings and the salubrity of the area.  We help businesses resume normal activities faster



MERIDIAN GROUP’S uses the revolutionary new Fireline Contents Cleaning System, It cleans, deorderizes, sanitizes and removes soot all in a matter of minutes, and then goes through the heat dryer on its way to be repacked.