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Who we are

MERIDIAN GROUP, leader in fire damage restoration, is equipped for all stages of a rebuild: Demolition, deodorisation, drying, cleaning, evaluation  and repairs.  Our state-of-the-art equipment. Experience and skilled staff guarantee that buildings, both residential and commercial, and their contents will be restored quickly and according to the most stringent industry standards.


What we do

MERIDIAN GROUP  has been distinguishing itself in the restoration after disaster industry since 2002 through the quality and the excellence of its interventions in all categories: Residential, Commercial, Institutional and Industrial.

Fire Damage Water Damage Restoration

Decontamination Emergency Parking Transport


Why us

At the time of a loss, MERIDIAN GROUP's commitment is to provide a trusted bond between the Insurer and their client. Speedy interventions by our professional , respectful and bilingual technicians provide the necessary measures at the appropriate time in order to quickly secure the premises and permit swift restoration.


Our  History

Wayne Wilding  was the founder, former President for the Meridian Group.  Guided by his personal commitment and entrepreneurial spirit . The company has been servicing the Insurance and public customers since 2002.  Mr. Wilding built a team of qualified experts who are passionate about their business and service minded, all qualities that are closely identified with the Meridian Group today at every level.

Our Commitment

We are committed to provide consistent, professional services to all of our affiliates that we represent. MERIDIAN GROUP works with all types of damages - catastrophes and emergencies, including water, fire, smoke, content cleaning, storage, wind, roof, electrical, HVAC and flooring damages. In addition to causing visable damages, all of these events, infiltrations, ice dams, rain, snowstorms, sewer backups, sanitary overflows and pipe breakage, cause further and severe damages in the form of bacterial contamination and fungi growth.

Targeted measures taken by our qualified technicians secure the affected areas and prevent further migration of damages to untouched areas.